2012 is a Celebration of HiStory

Grandpa Arthur marks an incredible 112 years in tea!!! This month Royal Tea of Kenya features his teas.

Grandpa’s Anytime Tea

Grandpa’s Afternoon Tea


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View Tasting Notes

grandpa1My Grandfather Arthur Njuguna Komo was born in 1901 a member of the Kikuyu tribe, (Kenya’s most prominent and populous tribe) in Gatundu district a very fertile region located at the foothills of Mount Kenya.

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"When I think about my Grandfather I am reminded of all that is good and decent in this world. A handshake that means more than a contract, his direct questions that hid no ulterior motives as he genuinely wanted to know how well I was. He taught me to be kind and gracious in a suspicious world because that was his culture. He taught me to be honest even when I would lose credibility. And in a vast world that he would never travel he taught me the universal law of ““Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”  Joy. N

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